Chicago show with Fates Warning a month away!

Hope everyone enjoyed a great summer, can't believe how time has flown! We're a month away from sharing the stage with the amazing Fates Warning once again, this time at Reggie's in the

city proper on Saturday, October 17th, yes that's a SAT night in the city, so we hope to see a lot of friends out there!!! Also appearing are the fabulous bands Imminent Sonic Destruction, who is
on the tour, and our Chi-town bros, Ironfinger, and best of all, tickets are only $20 don't miss it!

Ion Vein / Fates Warning Gig 2015

Ticket link:


Sharing the stage with FATES WARNING once again!

We're very exicted to be sharing the stage once again with the prog-metal legends (and huge influence of ours), FATES WARNING, on Saturday, October, 17th, this this time in the city proper at Reggie's Rock Room in Chicago so click the link or check out the tour page for more details!

Saturday October 17
Chicago, IL


Event Details:
Doors - 7pm
Also appearing Iron Finger



Welcome to 2015!

Greetings friends, guess we're a bit late with the New Year's wishes but hope this finds you and yours kicking 2015 off with a lot of good things! Speaking of good things, we've got some cool interviews and reviews to catch you up on so please check them out below and tell a coupla friends while you're at it! There is some other really cool news to let you in on very soon so please check back soon and keep up with the latest on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well, cheers!




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15/15  "Everybody is talking about bands like SANCTUARY and any Reunions The real gems of the genre are too often overlooked -. ION VEIN certainly belong to it and" Ion Vein"should be in every collection." - Thorsten Zwingelberg/
9/10  "A really great album, which wonderfully combines traditions with contemporary. Listen, buy, feel good" - Holger Andrae/ 
"wow, first full-length album in 11 years from this great Chicago progressive power metal band. Total headbanging mastery from this classic metal band. Some of the best riffs we've heard in a long time." -

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